Eleuth P2P
Decentralized Messaging

Eleuth is an open source peer-to-peer messaging solution based on kademlia algorithm and end-to-end encryption.

Any community or a group of people can join together and start their own decentralized Eleuth network.

Goals and Features

Open Source

We keep all the sources of Eleuth network open
Contributions are welcome from any developers

Easy to Launch

We make installation and running process easy for everyone
Setup a node easily with a docker container


We teach what we learn in our path!
Check our blog and our youtube channel


Security is our main purpose
No one can read your encrypted data


Eleuth does its best to keep users anonymous
There is no central authorization


There is no central governance in Eleuth network
No single authority can bring down everything

Eleuth Node

At top of all our technologies, there is the Eleuth node which connects all of our libraries together and creates working decentralized messaging system

Each node takes care of encryption verification, decentralization and distribution of data, while also routing messages to clients.


Behind each of the nodes in the system, you can find Rest Over Websocket protocol.

Using ROW our clients and servers can make use of communicating over Websocket when possible and HTTP when websocket is not possible.

ROW makes it possible to reuse websocket connection. Also ROW server is made as a Spring Boot library and makes use of @Controller annotations.

Lib Kademlia

Kademlia API is the core algorithm used in Eleuth node for decentralization.

We have introduced our own abstract Kademlia API implementation. This API is designed in a way that makes it possible for the library to be used in various types of project.

Lib Somnia

Somnia is the core decentralized storage system used in each Eleuth node.

This library makes it easier for a Spring Boot project to have a support of decentralized storage. Somnia uses MongoDB as its main database implementation.

Also, Somnia is written on top of Kadmlia API and with applying few changes, it makes it possible to distribute data between several nodes.

Eleuth Client

Our client applications will support all major platforms: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows.

We chose some of the best cross-platform solutions so that we can provide the same experience to all of our users.

Our mobile apps are developed with React Native and we also have a CLI client out there to satisfy the nerds!

Technology Stack

We are using some of the well known technologies to develop our application therefore it will make it easier for other developers to give us a hand.

Most of our backend applications are written in Java and Spring Boot.

The main database choice is MongoDB and we also make use of Google's Guava in various ways.

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Kademlia Algorithm Overview

Kademlia plays an important role in Eleuth network structure. We made an abstract API for kademlia which you can use in your own projects. But lets see a brief explanation on what Kademlia is.

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Kademlia Algorithm Overview